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A strong industry association with capable representation can provide the necessary guidance to both the regulator and the industry on matters under discussion. The association can also share knowledge with interested parties by way of education packages or training events.

The AHIA is committed to:

  • Representing all sectors of the helicopter industry in a fair and reasonable manner.
  • Continue the development of strong relationships with government departments and ministers to enable us to provide guidance and promote our industry.
  • Facilitating the rapid dissemination of information concerning proposed legislative changes including the subsequent advice given to CASA/ Government departments on issues and proposed changes.
  • Sharing knowledge to enable pilots, engineers, operators, and clients to implement best practice systems.

The AHIA will meet these commitments in the following ways:

  • Any sector of the industry, a company or an individual may contact the association with their concern/query. The AHIA will review the concern/query, gather information using an Industry Matter Expert or a sector working party and formulate a response. Once drafted the response will be communicated to all interested parties. While the AHIA does represent the whole industry, it would be ideal if the person/company raising the concern/query was a financial member of the AHIA.
  • An industry technical show, ROTORTECH Exposition and Conference is conducted every two years and organised by AMDA Foundation Limited with the AHIA acting as the Presenting Industry Association and Host. The exposition and conference is now of an international stature and represents a broad cross section of the industry and has doubled in size to those of previous years. A separate website is available for ROTORTECH and available to members via a link from the AHIA website.
  • The AHIA continues to participate in high-level aviation industry committees/forums. These include The Australian Aviation Associations Forum (TAFF) and the General Aviation Advisory Group. In addition, the AHIA will participate in any CASA committees formed to address matters affecting the helicopter industry.
  • The AHIA website has been updated and will form part of the communication plan to remain connected to the industry. It will be the prime source of news releases, requests for information and the reporting of outcomes. 
  • The AHIA has a LINKEDIN page, to provide news on member activity and the helicopter industry. Followers of this page will need to register on the site. 
  • News and industry information is distributed via the AHIA Facebook page. Check it out at @AHIAvoice.
  • The membership data base will be used to ensure all members are alerted when new material has been placed on this website or an immediate action may be required by them.

Discuss your interest in becoming a AHIA Member by contacting:
Julian Fraser on +61 418 349 415