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Flight Training and Flight Testing for Aerial Mustering Endorsements.

27 January 2023

The AHIA is pleased to confirm that CASA will release an Aerial Mustering Approval Instrument in coming days following considerable collaboration and consultation with the Association and it’s Board members and in particular John Armstrong, Myles Tompkins and Ray Cronin.

This important instrument paves the way for improved access and quality around the provision of aerial mustering training and flight testing  which should reflect improved safety outcomes whilst increasing industry support for our pastoral enterprises.

AHIA President Ray Cronin welcomes the release of the instrument: "this is a positive start to the new year with another important milestone for AHIA following strong collaboration with our Regulator, CASA. The strengthening of respect between the Association and CASA is encouraging and I’m grateful to CASA for their efforts to assist industry and improve safety outcomes while enabling improvement in the provision of mustering endorsements in a practical and workable framework".