AHIA Activity Update

09 June 2017


AHIA VP Ray Cronin and Helicopter Agriculture SME Myles Tomkins attended the 2017 AAAA Conference in Glenelg 29 May-2 June. Ray gave a presentation on current rotary wing issues being addressed by bAHIA and Myles was a panel member for a Q and A session on Fire Fighting Licencing and Training Requirements. Both Ray and Myles used the opportunity for networking with delegates and were successful in recruiting several new members.

During a business trip to WA last week, Ray visited with the owners and employees of HeliSpirit at Kununurra and gave an impromptu talk on the activity and achievements of the AHIA. This generated considerable interest and new members.

Chair of the AHIA Regulatory Reform sub-committee Peter Howe attended the General Aviation Action Group (GAAG) meeting and The Australian Aviation Associations Forum (TAAAF) meeting in Canberra 13 and 15 June respectively.

AHIA has submitted a response to CASA regarding the “Proposal for exemption against certain requirements for helicopter aerial application endorsement" President Peter Crook wrote to the newly appointed CEO and DAS of CASA, Shane Carmody, congratulating him on his appointment.

AHIA is currently promoting a Membership Drive with companies and individuals. Letters attached. 

We are a small group of volunteers but we have achieved considerable change for the benefit of the helicopter industry and have been acknowledged as one of the most proactive Associations. We cannot work alone, we need your membership to be able to work effectively.



As you may be aware, The Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA) was established to:

"To promote the Australian helicopter industry by working with governments, regulatory  authorities and the community to ensure it is a safe, efficient and viable industry readily able to adapt to the continuing needs of the our customers by the pursuit of global industry best  practice."

Recently the Association completed a significant re organisation following the retirement of Mr Rob Rich, well known in the industry and a convener of the present Association. A new Board has been elected which includes:

• Mr Peter Crook, President

• Mr Ray Cronin, Vice President

• Mrs Bridgette Hasting, Company Secretary/Treasurer

• Mr Peter Howe, Board Member and Chairman, Regulatory Review Committee

These individuals bring a wide range of experiences to the organisation after many years operating in both Australian and International aviation. We believe this group will provide strong leadership and direction to the Association for the foreseeable future.

Over the past two years the Board members have committed significant time and energy to reviewing the new regulations presented to the industry by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, CASA. The Association has made strong representation to the Minister for Aviation and CASA concerning the impact on the industry of the proposed regulations. This resulted in CASA establishing the Part 61 Solutions Taskforce,  amongst other committees. The AHIA continues to be represented on a number of high-level committees in an attempt to ensure reasonable and workable regulations for all sections of the helicopter industry. 

We believe the AHIA has established itself as the voice of the entire helicopter industry within these committees representing the aviation industry in Australia.

CASA has publicly acknowledged the AHIA as the most proactive association in these negotiations.

Experience has shown strong industry associations can strengthen an industry and faithfully represent all interests during any discussion on aviation subjects.

To ensure all sectors of the industry continue to be represented in any discussion we would like to invite you, personally, and your organisation, to join The Australian Helicopter Industry Association. Simply visit us at select “Membership” and the relevant type of membership for you and your organisation. Your support for the AHIA is appreciated and valued. We will have an updated website in the near future to reflect the changes taking place within the association.

Would you be kind enough to display the attached flyer, “Calling all Helicopter People”, on your company notice boards to encourage other company members to join. Your belief in the aims of the AHIA is important in encouraging our membership drive. We thank you, in anticipation, for your support.

I believe the cross section of experience of our Board members can continue to represent your interests and look forward to speaking to you as a member of the Association.

President: Peter Crook