01 June 2017

The Chief Flying Instructor,

The AHIA (Australian Helicopter Industry Association) was convened to represent the interests of the helicopter sector in the wider aviation industry. The AHIA believes a strong Association is the sign of a healthy industry and is one capable of representing the interests of all sections of the helicopter sector.

Recent developments mean the Association now has a sound financial foundation to represent the helicopter industry. To broaden our membership base, the Board of the AHIA has decided to extend complementary (free) membership of the Association to all student helicopter pilots for the duration of their training up to Private or Commercial licence issue.

We believe this will encourage the new pilots to become involved in the industry and gain a wider understanding of the issues involved. Subsequent membership of the association would be available under our published membership categories.

The administrative procedure to gain membership will be simple. We ask you advise your helicopter student population of the offer and encourage their acceptance of the offer. Submit their name, mobile number and email address to our Secretary. This can be via email to

The student pilot complimentary membership will enable an individual to:

  • Attend association meetings
  • Participate in meeting discussions
  • Receive association emails/discussion papers/requests for input
  • Submit material in response to an association request
  • Attend helicopter displays/exhibitions/training days as an industry member
  • Be eligible for the “Student of the Year” award at the Annual Awards dinner

The only limitation on the student pilot complimentary membership participation will be that the person will not be entitled to vote on any proposal during a meeting.

We trust you will give your support to this initiative and we look forward to continuing to represent your interests.

Peter Crook

President: Peter Crook